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Company Activity

From 22ND May to 19TH June, 2015,our company,XIAMEN HYIFNE GELATIN CO.,LTD. participated in a good activity called  THE ORANGE CAMPAIGN.This is a competition held by Alibaba among the local 150suppliers. Its main goal is to

1.stimulate passion of the sales team; 
2. challenge potential of the sales buys;
3. enhance team spirit. 
4. encourage spririt of sharing.

And we did it.


During this period,

1.we set up our goal.everyone in the company worked very hard to realize their goals.

2.We participated in the so many training and learned a lot of skills and experiences.

3.We visited many good companies and learned from them.

4.We joined in many outdoor activities to best relax ourselves for better working.

5.We made a fruitful achievement.


We are a Group.Company is like our family.We work for ourselves more for our lovely clients.

To supply u good quality goods and give u good afterservice is our goal!

Next: Nothing!

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