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Pharmaceutical gelatin

Pharmaceutical gelatin, which is defined by its usage such as, edible gelatin, photographic gelatin, industrial gelatin,ect.It is light yellow or yellow granules, dry, clean, no impurities and odorless. The product is mainly used in soft/hard capsules, hemostatic sponge and tablets coating.

Gelatin is a kind of good collagen, which has good viscosity. Most of gelatin is extracted from pigs and cattle. Many people can not eat pig products in the world, such as Hebrews, Muslims, vegetarians, hence it is restricted to use pig gelaitn.For those part of people,they can chosse the bovine gelatin is extracted from bovine skin or bone instead.

In recent years, BSE spread all over the world, especially in Europe. March 20, 1996, the British government first announced, BSE can be transmitted to humans through eating beef,people suffer from BSE -Creutzfeld-Jakob (CJD), or "g - Jakob disease." The British government says that there are seven people under the age of 42 have died because of the disease. US FDA also think that gelatin should be removed from the GRAS list In October 2000, the British FSA proposed "review of BSE-related safetymeasures", gelatin which is resourced from animal should not be used for animal feed or veterinary purposes, otherwise it violates the organizations prohibition of cannibalism among ethnics. Further, since the character of hydrophilic in gelatin, it makes the hydrophilic substance move to gelatin shell and find chemical reaction with the aldehyde compound, so as to limit its widely use, especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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