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How to differ industrial gelatin in food industry?

Expert Answers: Gelatin is a kind of protein, which is brewed by the hydrolysis of animal skin or bones. People like to eat pig skin, chicken feet, and eating collagen for beauty.So it is daily used.Gelatin is the product after boiled the collagen so it is not necessary to worry as long as the edible gelatin. Donkey-hide gelatin, which is considered as magical health care produce by people.


Expert Answer: Generally speaking, the amount of gelatin is little in food production; the main role is thickening, increased stability. But it's widely used such as hot and sour powder, rice noodles; meat, such as ham, meat stuffing; beverages, such as acidic beverages, beer; snacks such as paste, old yogurt, ice cream, cotton sugar, gum inside, we can find it.So its affect is little as compared to other food additives.


Expert Answers: industrial gelatin, means for industrial purposes, such as sheet metal, furniture, matches, packaging, cosmetics, paints, metallurgy. In addition, there are other types of gelatin, photographic gelatin can be used as a film, pharmaceutical gelatin used incapsule production.


Expert Answers: Daily hydrocolloids are natural products. Some of them are extracted from seaweed, such as agar and carrageenan, some derived from the residue of orange peels and apple juice, such as pectin; some seeds from plants, such as gum arabic, guar gum, locust bean glue; some hydrocolloid obtained from microbial fermentation, such as xanthan gum. Most hydrocolloids are extracted directly, only minority of that after some processing, such as carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). Extensive tests showed that they had no bad effects on health.


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